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Jump$tart CPAs "Your Virtual A​ccounting Department"​​

"Accounting in the Cloud"

Outsourced Accounting

Who are We and Why Hire Us?

JumpStart CPAs offers concierge accounting, consulting and tax services to a small number of businesses.  We are a full service firm meaning we work on *all* aspects of your business - from initial accounting system set up to operational consulting and tax.  We are your business partner and trusted advisor.  Quality relationships with our clients are extremely important to us!  We specialize in businesses who have fallen behind on tax filings or made a mess of their accounting.  We are CPAs and QuickBooks ProAdvisors.  Our Founder is a "Big Four" Alumni with over 20 years of experience managing Silicon Valley companies of all sizes and types. If you are looking for a firm who can do it all for you, you've come to the right place.  We provide exceptional service at a reasonable price.  

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Cloud Accounting Software

Trends and Competition

There are several large scale, mostly off-shored companies offering "bookkeeping" services for almost nothing.  Please beware that their services are extremely limited and meant for "do it yourselfers" with very simple business models.  They can't help you with anything related to sales invoicing, inventory, payroll, income tax, sales tax, paying bills, 1099s, budgeting and especially not dealing with the IRS!  Their support is mostly live chat and email based.  JumpStart CPAs is the opposite of these types of services.  We offer *complete* accounting, consulting and tax services for people who don't want to do it themselves and want a business partnership with their accountant!

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Accounting Software Apps

Your Future is Bright with JumpStart CPAs!

If you want peace of mind and want to *finally* get your accounting and tax done right, then let's go!  Why not focus on *your* passion and leave the accounting and tax to us!  Believe it or not, helping you with accounting and tax issues is *our* passion!  Consultations are always free so please give us a call.  We are friendly and professional and work with all kinds of different businesses!  Note: We do not offer 1040 tax services to individuals who are not also business clients due to the fact that a large volume of individual tax returns would interfere with our ability to properly service the day to day needs of our business clients (with the exception of Tax Debt Resolution cases).

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