QuickBooks Set-Up

Do you have desktop accounting software or even worse, *no* accounting software? We can easily implement QuickBooks Online and migrate historical data to your new system.  Cost for Set-Up is the price for one month of Bookkeeping Services based on volume. 

Monthly Bookkeeping

We can do your books for you so you can focus on your business! We work closely with you to ensure proper classification of transactions, t​hen we reconcile your bank and credit card accounts, and provide accurate financial statements.​  Please see Bookkeeping Packages Tab for pricing.

Tax Preparation

We offer fixed pricing for businesses based on annual revenues and we offer fixed pricing for individual tax returns based on the number and complexity of the forms involved.  All document gathering is done through a secure online portal.  Please see Tax Business Tax Pricing and Individual Tax Pricing for details

Historical Financials

Do you need financial statements created from prior years in order to file taxes? With modern technology, this is not a big deal! We can easily re-create historical financial statements.  Cost for Historical Financials is based on transaction volume and number of months or years of clean-up needed.  See Clean-Up Packages tab for pricing.

Filing Back Taxes

Do you have one or more years of unfiled tax returns? Are you getting threatening letters from the IRS and State? We will get you caught up on your taxes and get the authorities off your back!  The price for back taxes is the same as the price for current taxes and does not include Historical Financials/Clean-Up work, if needed, for Business Tax returns or Tax Debt Resolution.

QuickBooks Online Training

If you want to do your books yourself but need training and ongoing support, we are here for you!  We are able to do high quality training over Zoom during this pandemic and can't wait to do in-person training once this is over!  All training is provided by Virginia Hamilton, CPA.

CFO Services

We can provide you with a top-notch CFO Services on an hourly basis. We hit the ground running and you avoid the cost and hassle of hiring and supervising an employee.  Virginia Hamilton, CPA provides all CFO Services.  See Founder Bio for Virginia's background. 

Audit Preparation

If you have investors or a bank loan requiring that your books to be audited, we can prepare your books for the Audit and work directly with the auditors to complete the process.

Tax Debt Resolution

We work directly with the IRS and State to attempt to settle your tax debt including stopping liens, levies, wage garnishments and property seizures.  We can attempt to negotiate penalty and interest reductions or get you into an installment agreement.  --->Do pay up front to supposedly eliminate your tax debt or pay "pennies on the dollar".  Most people do not quality for those programs and those are scam firms!!